Provo River Kayaking Instruction

If you want to experience the river in the most maneuverable water craft possible, you should definitely try whitewater kayaking. Runoff River Adventures offers kayaking instruction and tours on a river that was made to learn how to kayak on. Our kayaking instructors have run hundreds of rivers throughout the world and will instruct you on the basics of whitewater paddling.

Maximum # of Students per Instructor/Session: 3


Lake Roll Class

Minimum Age: 12

Want to learn how to roll kayak?

Our courses are designed to help you develop and master the basic mental and mechanical skills to execute a bomb proof roll every time. If you have never rolled before or can't execute a flat water roll more than 50% of the time, you should take this class. A great class for working on your off side roll. Our class will take place at Deer Creek Reservoir. Paddling equipment and transportation will be provided. We will take up to three people per instructor.

Location: Meet at the Bridal Veil Park on Old Hwy 189.

Duration: 3 hour class

$150.00 for 1 person
$120.00/person for 2 People
$99.00/person for 3 People

River Roll Class and Instruction

Minimum Age: 12

If you have learned how to flat water roll a kayak, but seem to collapse under the pressure of the river, than this is the class for you. The class will consist of two trips down the river and our guides will you personal instruction as they will offer minor adjustments to improve your roll, and help you advance in your river reading skills. These new tips and challenges are sure to make you a more skilled and mentally adept paddler. No more than three people are allowed per instructor.

Location: Meet at Bridal Veil Park on Old Hwy 189.

Duration: Allow 5-6 hours of instruction. Class starts at 10:00 AM

$199.00 for 1 person
$170.00/person for 2 People
$149.00/person for 3 People