Kern River Tubing

Guided Kern River tubing is the most strenous and difficult activity that we offer. It is offered when our guides deem the water level low enough and safe enough to navigate the river. Self-guided tubing is only offered when the Kern River is below 500 cubic feet per second on the gauge. Please contact us for future water level tubing predictions and availability. Wide open availability is anticipated in 2015, from April 6th, through May 30th.  CLICK HERE FOR GAUGE READING

Tube down the Kern River on our heavy duty, ultimate in quality NRS tubes; the best tubes money can buy. Tubes come with protective nylon and handles. Our Kern River Tubing trip is a full on adventure for most people. This is not a leisurly float trip on calm water. Be prepared to run class II and III rapids on an inner-tube. You must be agile enought to paddle and control your tube with your hands. Tubing down the Kern River begins with a complimentary shuttle up from our parking area at Frandy Park to the Powerhouse for a 3 mile float. Tubing down the Kern River takes about 1 to 1.5 hours depending on water level. Kern River Tubing Trips end in Kernville where you can get back to your car. On your first tubing trip down the Kern River, a guide will accompany you and your group. After your first Guided Kern River Tubing trip, you may do a Self-Guided tubing trip on your own. All Kern River Tubing trips come with a shuttle.

If you want to tube the Kern River, you must be at least 14 years of age, and weigh between 100 and 250 pounds. Inflatable Kayaks are better and safer options for kids and adults who don't fall under the recommended age, and weight. Tubing is strenuous, and requires that you be in good physical condition, and possess strong swimming skills. From March through June wetsuits are available to rent and are highly recommended as the water is frigid.  Among other obstacles you will encounter rapids, and rocks. Good and sturdy water shoes that won't come off your feet are required.

Adrenaline Tube (3 miles)

Minimum Age

Guided Tubing
Mon-Thurs: $24.00/person
Fri-Sat & Holidays: $34.00/person

Self-Guided Tubing (after your first guided trip) Paid for on location with credit card or cash
Mon-Thurs: $12.00/person
Fri-Sat & Holidays: $17.00/person


Wetsuit Rental Recommended for Tubing
$12.00 all Day Rental

About 2 hours total for everything.

Departure Times
11:00 AM, 1:20 PM, and 3:40 PM, Mon-Sat (with availability)

April 6th-May 30th

Open April 6th - May 30th with availability