Forget all the Mud Races, and facilitated events where true adventure is limited to course setters, boundaries, media, and wanna-bees. This is where true adventure starts. Leave your cell phone and all the hoop-la at home and get lost already. We know intimately the places worth going to and the true adventure that awaites those willing to seek it out.


Year Round

North America Multi-Day Whitewater Rafting | Day Rental

RRA River Rental Benefits

Financial Benefits: If you own your own gear, you will need to paddle at least 3 weeks a year to make your purchase worth the money.  We offer the lowest Rental prices for Day and Multi-Day Rentals anywhere.

You Can Take our Gear Anywhere: We have no boundaries or limits as to where or what rivers our gear can be used. We are one of the few companies that will encourage you to leave town and explore some place new.

Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Benefits: Don't let us, or anyone else rob you of the incredible growth that can and will occur as you learn to Dream, Plan, and Execute your own adventures. True adventure starts when we leave the masses and venture out on our own.

Storage and Maintenance: The best part is that you don't have to store or maintain anything. We do all of that for you. 

Transportation: Let us know ahead of time and we can also help with transportation of gear and people.

Why Runoff River Adventures

We (RRA) are a highly flexible entity, willing to stretch our limits to serve our customers. Apart from having personal experience on more than 50 different rivers in the Western Hemisphere, our guides and staff are amazing logistical coordinators and love to tackle any size project that you might be interested in. Tackling river projects large and small is what we dream about every day. We do everything imaginable in our rental packages, and we will deliver that package to any river in the Western U.S., Mexico, B.C., Alberta, and Alaska.People rent from RRA because we have a passion for exploration and adventure in the 21st century. People rent from RRA because although we can’t be there as you drop into the next gorge or go around the next corner, we know first hand what its like; and that makes all the difference. Proof of what we believe is seen in what we do. 

Please shoot our friendly staff an email and enjoy the endless possibilities at the lowest possible prices!!!