Do you want to take a guided trip? YES, leave this page. NO, this class is for you!!!

Guided Trips are expensive, and they take away from the overall experience. At Runoff River Adventures, we teach people how to become experienced and proficient river guides. There is nothing more rewarding than renting the gear to do your own trip. Great freedom awaites those willing to take our classes. Our classes will teach you the intricacies of river guiding, allowing you to "Make the World Your Playground". With these classes, you will truly be able to "Dream it, Plan it, Do it. . . . . Remember it!!!!

Season: May-September  (water level dependant July-September)

Availibility? (when): We only offer this class a few times a year. If you are interested please email us for availibility first.

Minimum Age: 12

Please shoot our friendly staff an email and enjoy the endless possibilities at the lowest possible prices!!! 

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Who Should Take Classes?

If you have little to know experience in whitewater or are just wanting to increase your skill level and knowledge on the river you should definately take this class. This class will give you everything you need to  "Make the World Your Playground" 

RRA Guide and Multi-Day Class Benefits

Financial Benefits 

Once you take our class, you will never need to do a guided trip again. We have the lowest rental prices on the River.

Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Benefits

Taking this class will empower your mind, your body, and your spirit; allowing you to tackle projects you never thought possible before.

Why Runoff River Adventures?

Our guides and instructors are some of the most experienced individuals in the whitewater industry. We have been running rivers all over the western hemisphere for the past 40 years, and can help you learn the easy way, instead of the hard way. Each instructor has personal experience on more than 200 different rivers. More than all of that though, we love to share and teach the tremendous benefits that come to people who learn how to "Make the World their Playground." Those benefits come through financial, physical, mental, and even spiritual means as we learn to reconnect with family, friends, and our surroundings. We believe that adventure in it's truest form involves everything sacred.