Group Rates

Why Get A Group together? 

Nothing brings people together like a rafting trip. Whether you are on the river for a week, or a couple hours it doesn't matter. "Get 10 or more people and you will all become the best of friends or the worst of enemies." On a river trip, no one can run away, and everyone must work together.

In rafting there is little competition between members because everyone is working together. The "what about me" or the  "I can do this all by myself" syndrome is harder to do on any river trip. 

Rafting also engages it's members in principles of self-discipline, honesty, commitment, organization, planning, responsibiity, and faith that are traditionally learned in a classroom setting. 

We offer the lowest group rates on the Kern River for Guided Trips, Self-Guided trips, and Day Rentals. It's sure to be a great time.

Multi-Day Rafting Expeditions

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 •  Any River in North America
 •   80% off the normal price.
 •   Personal experience on every multi-day trip in the West.
 •   Prices start at $100.00/person for 4 Days.
 •   Scouts Can Earn Multiple Merit Badges

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