Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What should we bring?
      Sunglasses w/strap
      Sandals with strap on the back
      Clothing that is non cotton and will quickly dry

    1. Who can participate?
      Runoff River Adventures offers a river trip for people of all ages.

      PROVO RIVER, UT: Whether you've been on many rivers or the Provo River will be your first, the Provo River is a great trip for all ages. Tubes rentals are suggested for people over 14 yrs of age and over 5'5". Rafting trips are suggested for ages 3 and up.
      KERN RIVER, CA: Our Lickety Split section is world famous and contains great fun for people of ages 5 and up.
      MULTI-DAY RAFTING: Depending on the river, there are great multi-day trips for people of any age, or fitness level. We have some great multi-day options with incredible scenery for ages as young as 3. Email us for more info on multi-day options.

    1. Will I fall out of the raft?
      PROVO RIVER, UT: On a very rare occasion. The Provo River has very mild rapids.
      KERN RIVER, CA: It does happen, but not very often. The rapids are very fun.
      MULTI-DAY RAFTING: Depends on the river. Some rivers will be more difficult than others. Please email us for details on multi-day options and their difficulty level.

    1. What's the best time of year to go rafting?
      KERN RIVER, CA: May-August. The best time to go is mid May through June when the weather is warm and the water is high.
      PROVO RIVER, UT: May-September. The best time to float the Provo is June through September. The river is dam controlled providing great flows all summer long.
      MULTI-DAY RAFTING: The best time to do a multi-day rafting trip depends on the river and its location. Please contact us for more details on when certain rivers run and the best time to go.

  1. When should I schedule my trip?
    Please reserve your trip and check for availability on our BOOK NOW page at least 2 days in advance. 2 weeks are required to accomodate those who want to do a multi-day rafting adventure. Please NO walk-ins. Some days, especially weekends fill up fast. We want to make sure that we can get you on the river as soon as possible and that we can accomodate your group. Spots are filling fast so reserve your trip today.